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        Baijiu Business Department Made Another Great Achievement! China Haisum employees stand by each other in times of difficulty and won the bid for Maotai Liquor Packaging Logistics Park Project

        Hits:186 Author: Source: Time:2022-06-06

              The other day, another good news came from China Haisum in terms of baijiu industry expansion. Sinolight Wuhan Design Engineering Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Haisum Wuhan), to which China Haisum is subordinate, and Tongji Architectural Design (Group) Co., Ltd. jointly formed a consortium that won the bid for the "design for Maotai Liquor Packaging Logistics Park Project Phase I".

           "Maotai Liquor Packaging Logistics Park Project Phase I" is located at the Tanchang Industrial Park Area, Renhuai, Zunyi, Guizhou Province. China Haisum cooperates with Tongji Architectural Design and exerts each other's advantages in centering on constructing the project positioning of "Liquid Industry Packaging Logistics Benchmarking Engineering". Tongji Architectural Design is in charge of planning, construction design, landscape design and relevant civil works. China Haisum is responsible for process design, automatic control design, intelligent manufacturing and other public works of relevant processes. With mutual efforts, they proposed the themed scheme "intelligent Maotai park in the natural scenery of Tanchang", which stood out from the best ones during the intense competition and was favored by many.

               In terms of process design, this project takes lean, automatic, green and smart top-class intelligent packaging logistics park as the objective and breaks the traditional idea by adopting an intensive layered process layout and a green, low-carbon and energy-saving production mode. The advanced packaging line realizes full-auto operation. empty bottles, packing materials and finished products are all stored and transported through intelligent high-rack and high-rise warehouses, helping clients cope with different product varieties, variable batches and quick delivery, realizing a world-leading packaging logistics park of modernized equipment, automatic production and intelligent management and the "most intelligent" baijiu delivery system.

               In terms of park area planning and construction design, the park is built along the mountain trends and fits the local topography, realizing the integration of natural scenery, tough ecology and green and zero-carbon human environment. By combining the features of Maotai into the architectural presentation, the process perfectly suits the production lines, achieving a diverse energy-gathered human-oriented space and creating a park area integrating culture and production in this "intelligent Maotai park in the natural scenery of Tanchang".

               During the bidding period of the project, Shanghai was under epidemic prevention and control. China Haisum, Wuhan Company and the team from Tongji Architectural Design worked together and completed the design tasks. Winning this bid rendered new brilliance of China Haisum in its achievement and it was the outcome of its efforts in the baijiu industry for the past six decades. What's more, through this collaboration with this domestic top civil building design institute, China Haisum has successfully practiced its concept of "great tolerance and mutual benefits", giving Haisum a new surge of energy in terms of joint resource integration and high-quality development in the baijiu industry.

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