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        "Science Lighthouse" Designed by China Haisum at the Bank of Dishui Lake - Launch of Jinyuansheng Putailai Global Science and Technology Innovation Headquarters Project

        Hits:156 Author: Source: Time:2022-02-09

               On January 22, the launching ceremony of Jinyuansheng Putailai Global Science and Technology Innovation Headquarters Project undertaken by China Haisum was successfully held in the International Innovation and Cooperation Zone of Lingang New Area, Shanghai. Yuan Guohua, the Deputy Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Lingang New Area, the Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Lingang Group, Wu Zhen, Member and the General Party Secretary of the Party Committee of Nanhui New City, Liang Feng, the chairman of Jinyuansheng Putailai Company, etc., attended the launching ceremony. Zhao Guoang, Chairman of the Company and his delegation were invited to witness the ceremony and lay a foundation stone.

               Jinyuansheng New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Putailai New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. are leading enterprises in the new energy industry. As "suppliers of suppliers" of new energy vehicles, they have long been committed to the development, smelting and deep processing of metal mineral resources related to the new energy industry, and the research and development of anode and cathode materials of lithium-ion battery and the precursors. This time, Jinyuansheng and Shanghai Putailai worked together to set up the global science and innovation management headquarters in the "Science Lighthouse" in the Lingang New Area, Lingang, Shanghai, thus building a 5A-level green ecological and environmental protection park focusing on the new energy industry.

               As the general contractor for the design of the project, China Haisum, in line with the business philosophy of "oriented by clients and motivated by innovation", gives full play to the advantages of original design in the process of project design. The project team closely cooperated with the Owner and optimized in aspects of creativity, scheme design, implementation and management through fine design and precise management, which has been unanimously affirmed and praised by Lingang Group and the Owner.

               With ingenious design ideas and unique buildings, the innovative "Zigzag" footpaths connect the whole building group, so that people and nature can be harmoniously blended in. The park design is based on the principle of "the layout most suitable for the land" and "enriching the skyline", with the implied meaning of "everything grows and thrives". From the architectural style of the park to the core concept of the industry, it not only vividly and abstractly conveys the intention of green energy conservation and environmental protection, but also fully demonstrates the urban construction concept of "international style, sense of future, and charm of sea and lake", adding vitality to the urban construction.

               The park integrates the characteristics of ecology, quality and vitality, and creates a highly complex and intelligent full ecological park environment through the integration and reconstruction of multiple functions and different spaces. The quality of the park space is improved from multiple dimensions and angles, and a pleasant space combining the headquarters of high-tech enterprises and supporting facilities is created. Create dynamic scientific research and design sites, combined with experiential supporting services, making an immersive scientific research and design environment in the park.

              The undertaking of this project has laid a foundation for the identification of future development of the Company's civil construction sector, "seize new tracks and build new areas", marking a breakthrough in the R & D industry sector of headquarters of C6 land, as well as a breakthrough in green building, energy conservation and environmental protection, sponge city, basement unified planning and other technologies, and laid a good start for the in-depth implementation of the national "carbon peaking and carbon neutrality" strategy and the creation of a demonstration park of "carbon peaking and carbon neutrality".

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