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        China Haisum Engineering Co., Ltd.

        Company Profile

        China Haisum Engineering Co., Ltd. was established in 2002 after the overall restructuring of 8 design institutes affiliated to the Ministry of Light Industry during the First Five-Year Plan. China Haisum successfully got listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange in February 2007 (stock code: 002116) and became the first listed company among engineering design institutes of China. It is also one of the comprehensive engineering companies with the most complete qualifications, the largest scale and the most projects in light industry of China. Its headquarter is located in Shanghai, with 13 wholly-owned subsidiaries in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Changsha, Wuhan and other cities of China.

        With nearly 70 years of development and innovation, China Haisum has accumulated abundant management experience in the whole-process of engineering service and is committed to providing customers with one-stop intelligent engineering services in consultation and design, procurement and R&D, construction and installation, commissioning and training, operation and maintenance. The company has been continuously exploring the application of innovative digital technology in EPC projects. Through the whole-process and all disciplines BIM forward design, we have achieved the multi- discipline collaboration and the accurate, non-destructive and efficient transmission of engineering information in the digital model. What’s more, we have gained precision in aspects including design, calculation, measurement, construction, operation, maintenance, and risk prevention and early warning.

        China Haisum’s service covers traditional fields such as pulp & paper, food & fermentation, fine chemical industry, tobacco, civil & public buildings, and emerging fields such as energy conservation and environmental protection (waste- to-energy, sewage, kitchen, hazardous waste treatment, ecological restoration of mines), new energy and new materials, biomedicine, theme park, modern logistics and green buildings. The market share of large and medium-sized project design business exceeds 70%, and that of waste- to-energy design business exceeds 40%. Its business area extends across the whole China and more than 60 countries

        and regions around the world. China Haisum has undertaken and completed numbers of engineering projects with industrial influence in China and abroad, providing high-quality engineering service for many Fortune 500 enterprises, and forming its own technical core and brand service system. In recent years, the company was successively selected into the “Chinese top 100 companies with comprehensive strength of engineering”, and ranked among the “Top 60 Chinese engineering enterprises” selected jointly by ENR and China Architecture Times.

        As a "high-tech enterprise", China Haisum brings together over four thousand excellent engineering technical talents, including 4 national design masters, 21 light industry design masters, and 33 experts enjoying the special allowance from the State Council. High-end talents like professor-level senior engineers, senior engineers, and various certified engineers, etc. constitute the important advantages for us to provide customers with extraordinary service.

        Trust of customers is the driving force for our growth. China Haisum will bear in mind the corporate philosophy of "inclusion, integrity and people orientation", and make every effort to create an international engineering company that provides first-class services for the whole project life .

        Development History 

        1953: As the predecessor of Shanghai Light Industry Design Institute under the Ministry of Light Industry, Infrastructure Construction Bureau Design Company East China Branch under the Ministry of Light Industry was established in Shanghai.

        1995: The Company's name was changed to China Light Industry Shanghai Design Institute. As a key enterprise specializing in consultation and design in China's light industry, the Company began to enter the areas of project management and EPC.

        2002: The overall restructuring of original eight design institutes under the Light Ministry such as China Light Industry Shanghai Design Institute, etc. was completed, and China Haisum Engineering Co., Ltd. was established with headquarters in Shanghai.

        2007: China Haisum successfully got listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange (stock code: 002116), becoming the first listed company among design institutes of China.

        2008: With EPC turning into the biggest major business, the Company finished the transformation from design institute to engineering company.

        2017: With its controlling shareholder merged into China Poly Group Corporation, China Haisum became the most widely-covered engineering company in the light industry of China, whose business scope covers consultation, design, project management, EPC, and project financing, etc.

        Introduction of product series:
        JiangSu Oji KP Project   This project is one of those settled in China with the highest investment from Japan, and it is also the largest pulping and paper making project in China. The project adopts the world-leading light chlorine-free (LCF) bleaching technique to its production process. All the industrial wastewater will be disposed of through fully-sealed pure oxygen aeration to realize fully odorless production.
        ShangHai Disneyland Project   This project will be the world's sixth Disneyland park, which is also the world's second largest. The design contract amount of this project is about RMB 120 million. China Haisum has undertaken the design of the Treasure Bay and logistics area in Shanghai Disneyland, accounting for over 40% of the entire park.
        Nongfu Spring Series Project   The series projects have realized an accumulated contract amount of around RMB 1.63 billion, with a total building area of 120,000m2. It is the largest high-quality mineral water project in China, with plants established in Mount Emei (Sichuan), Mount Changbai (Fusong), Mount Taibai (Shaanxi), Xin'anjiang (Jiande), etc. After 2008, Haisum undertook the construction of all new plant projects of Nongfu Spring.
        IKEA Series Project   Since IKEA entered the Chinese market, China Haisum has undertaken many of its store design projects such as in Shanghai, Wuxi, Shenyang and Qingdao.
        Hubei Xinye tobacco sheet Co., Ltd EPC project   This is the first technological transformation project of industrial enterprise for which the tobacco industry ever adopted the engineering-procurement-construction (EPC) construction mode. This project has a total investment of RMB 392.7 million and a total building area of 18,369m2. A combined workshop of 10,000t/a reconstituted tobaccos is to be built, jointly with relevant supporting facilities related to sewage treatment.

        For more information, please read:

        China Haisum Engineering Co., Ltd.

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